A day trip to Hallstatt, Austria

A day trip to Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt – a beautiful small town, tucked between mountains and lakes, it impresses with its beautiful scenery, charming architecture, and kind and welcoming people. You would be surprised that after so many years living in Austria, this was my first time visiting this fairytale-like little place. I’ve seen it on postcards, in articles, and on social media, but it’s been like one of those things we all do when we live somewhere, we think we’ll visit them one day, and time flies. To be honest, there have been so many things I haven’t done because I didn’t want to consider myself a tourist but after some time of meeting travelers from all over the world through my job, I got inspired to do some of them, and Hallstatt was on the top of my list.

One of the reasons I never went to Hallstatt before was that I thought I needed to have a car. Well, finally I went by car, but I found out getting there is not that difficult, there are trains and buses, you could even make it on a day trip and return in the evening. Of course, a car is much more convenient because the whole area is stunning and there are so many places to discover and enjoy. If you have the time, I’d totally recommend taking a few days to explore the area. But for Hallstatt itself, I think 1-2 days are enough, after all, you can walk from one end to the other in less than an hour. And since the place is that small it is so easy to find the best photo spots, you just wouldn’t miss them.

Of course the night before the trip I googled “Best photo spots in Hallstatt” and I was diligent in making a list to make sure I don’t miss something, but it’s much easier than that, if you just walk along the lake you will find some super cute spots, just take your time and enjoy the beautiful views and scenery and don’t rush to open your camera, savor the moment, take a coffee, have lunch, sit by the lake and enjoy the sun, then when you’ve settled and found your way around you can take some beautiful photos.

And I did exactly that, since I was traveling with my partner I wanted to enjoy some romantic time together and not just look at my phone or camera, so I made sure we first discovered the place in a relaxed manner, talking, laughing, walking hand in hand, no rush … and then, of course, I asked him to take some photos of me.

And here are some of the photos we took while walking around Hallstatt. I think the town’s main square was one of my favorite spots, it was still the time right after Christmas so the Christmas decorations and Christmas tree were still up and the mood was really magical.

The other photo spot not to miss is the famous viewpoint that’s on all postcards, a little bit cliche, but when in Hallstatt it’s worth taking at least a selfie there. You can easily find the spot on the maps, it’s at the end of the street along the lake, and if in doubt, just follow the tourists, I think everyone has that place on their list.

Vienna favorite Christmas photo spots

Vienna favorite Christmas photo spots

It’s again that magical time of the year – the city is all dressed up in festive lights, the Christmas markets are open and the delicious aroma of Glühwein and Punsch is in the air. Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year, especially in Vienna, the city transforms into a fairytale-like dream place that inspires Christmas cheer and excitement for the holidays.

I love to capture that wonderful time of the year and I think a fun Christmas in Vienna photoshoot is a wonderful experience. I do have some favorite Christmassy spots around the city that I love so here they are, a little bit of inspiration for your Christmas photos in Vienna.

1.The Christmas bow by the Opera

One of the most iconic and beloved spots among Instagrammers, travelers, and locals is the giant Christmas bow by the Opera. The area is already so dreamy with the Opera house, Hotel Sacher, and Kärtner street that it makes it a must-spot even if you just want to walk around and get some Christmas spirit.

2. Stephansplatz

There are many Christmas markets around the city but you’ll definitely not miss the most central one right in the heart of Vienna with the beautiful Vienna Christmas tree, Stephansplatz transforms into a dreamy festive spot, surrounded by elegant shops, cafes, restaurants, inviting tourists from all over the world to take a cup of Punsch while enjoying the city’s festive lights. Of course, there are many people at the square so it’s not easy to catch a photo without crowds, but if you go earlier during the day and look for a less crowdy corner, you’ll surely find some spot.

3. The Christmas market am Hof

Walking from Stephansplatz you can make a tour through some of the prettiest and most central Christmas markets in the city. Within a 5 min walk, you can reach the cozy market at am Hof while enjoying the beautiful lights at Kärtner street and Graben. This market is often not so crowded during the day so it is a nice spot to catch some photos with a cup of Punsch which is a must during Christmas time.

4. The Christmas market at Freyung

Just a few minutes away is the next very nice Christmas market, where you can find nice and original gifts, delicious snacks and drinks, and a lot of Christmas mood and inspiration. Make sure to catch a photo by the entrance for some extra charm.

5. The Christmas tree by Cafe Landtmann

You can continue walking towards the biggest and most famous Christmas market by the Rathaus. It is another short walk away and on the way there you will see a big and beautiful Christmas tree by the iconic Cafe Landtmann that is so cute for photos.

6. The Chrismas market at Rathaus

Of course, you can’t miss the most famous Christmas market by the Rathaus. You will find a very cute carousel, plenty of Christmas lights and decorations, beautiful Christmas gifts, and delicious food, snacks, and drinks. My tip is to go earlier so you can get a nice photo with the carousel. For that extra cuteness, get cotton candy or candy canes for the photo, it looks wonderful.

Visiting these spots will get you plenty of Christmas photos and content. I really like this route and recommend you go a bit earlier to avoid crowds. Most Christmas markets open already at 10 am. Of course, you might want to visit them later in the afternoon as well to enjoy the lights when they turn them on.

Hope you enjoyed this little list of my favorite spots in Vienna for Christmas photos. Big thanks to my amazing models with whom we explored the spots and gathered some inspiration for the most wonderful season.

Enjoy Christmassy Vienna and hope you get plenty of nice photos and Christmas cheer.

My 3 favorite photo spots for a weekend in Paris

My 3 favorite photo spots for a weekend in Paris

The city of love, the city of light, Paris is undoubtedly one of the most inspiring and romantic places. This year for my birthday one of my gifts was a romantic trip to Paris, something that’s been on my mind for a long time. Not that I haven’t been to Paris many times before, but I’ve never really had a special and romantic trip there, and believe it or not, I didn’t have any photos from Paris either, despite the many times I was there before. So, apart from enjoying the city, I wanted to find some good photo spots and get a few photos and my absolute favorite view from Paris is the Eiffel tower. Have in mind that Paris is so touristy and if you expect to be the only person taking a photo … well, that won’t be the case but it’s still worth it.

After a few days in Paris I narrowed down my favorite spots to just 3, these were the less crowded and most enjoyable places to take photos. So here they are, enjoy some Paris mood with me.

1. Avenue de Camoens

One of my favorite spots, not far from Trocadero but with much fewer people and photoshoots during the day. We went a few times, in the morning and the afternoon and the street was always almost empty, but not entirely though, that’s a very charming spot with a view to the Eiffel tower so don’t expect to be alone.

2. Avenue de New York and down by the river

Walking down from Trocadero you will find the Avenue de New York with the steps down to the river – another one of my favorite spots. You meet even fewer people here and it feels much more relaxed to have a nice walk and take some photos, and the view, well, the view is amazing.

The reason I don’t include also Trocadero in the list is that I didn’t really like it. There is construction going on and the nicest spots along the stairs are not picturesque anymore, but also there are lots of people taking photos and it can feel a bit overwhelming. Of course, you can have a walk in the area (sunrise is best because later in the day it’s packed) and you might even find a spot you like, but I personally prefer the other sites.

3. Pont Alexandre III

One of the most beautiful bridges over the Seine river, it is spectacular and there is a view of the Eiffel Tower from it. Surely there are some people around but you can still find a spot for a nice photo. The light is especially nice at sunset, it is so romantic and so picturesque.

Before I went to Paris I was expecting to have long romantic walks and take some photos from time to time in a relaxed and joyful way, but to tell you the truth, everyone wants that nice photo with the Eiffel Tower so if you are going prepare that you won’t be the only one posing for that shot.

If you have just a weekend in Paris, these are some nice and relaxed spots to both enjoy your time and get a nice photo with the Eiffel Tower in the background and that romantic Paris mood. There are of course many more nice places, but they tend to get overcrowded with photoshoots, and trying to get the best spot can take away the joy from the whole experience which is not to my taste, so I decided to skip them and enjoy the rest of my time in the most romantic city walking hand in hand with my partner, having coffees and croissants in the sun, discovering the secret corners, and of course, tasting some Champagne and local delicacies.

Autumn in the city

Autumn in the city

I absolutely love autumn – the turning colors, the warm, golden sunshine, the falling leaves, and all the cozy outfits. It is one of my favorite seasons and a great time for photos.

We opened the autumn season with the lovely and talented Ivana with an autumn-in-the-city-themed photoshoot. As you might have noticed, I love taking season-inspired photos, and autumn is one of the most creative times for that.

We had a walk in the city while enjoying the autumn sunshine, having nice talks, and taking some lovely photos. They turned out so great that there was really no need for too much editing. If you’ve followed my photography for a while you might have noticed that I like to keep the images as natural as possible and do just small enhancements in my editing process.

Here are some of my favorite photos from that day.

Romantic Beach Sunset

Romantic Beach Sunset

There are many settings I love for a photoshoot but nothing beats the beach at sunset, especially when it’s about capturing a love story.

I had the pleasure to photograph my dear friends Luchana and Lubo in one of their favorite spots to watch the sunset on the beach on the beautiful island of Thassos. Lubo had prepared a special surprise for his beloved Luchana taking her from a walk in the old town with some flowers to a romantic picnic on the beach at sunset. And that paired with some delicious sparkling wine. It doesn’t get more romantic than that.

Here you can see some of my favorite photos from that lovely sunset on the beach couple photoshoot.

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May Photoshoot in Vienna

May Photoshoot in Vienna

I just love May in Vienna! It is one of the most picturesque months with its blooming flowers, the nice, warm temperatures, and the super soft and gentle sunshine. For this occasion, I wanted to make a soft photoshoot with pastel colors and a gentle look.
I absolutely love to create these soft, natural portraits, and outfits in light colors are my absolute favorites, especially in Vienna city center because of the classy architecture and the nice color combinations.

We met with the lovely Vanessa in the first district in Vienna and had a walk around my favorite corners of the city taking some lovely, airy, and light images. I did only very small retouching to the images to enhance the natural colors and kept them as natural and as straight from the camera as possible. Honestly, there was nothing really to edit about them.

But let me not try to convince you with words. Here you can see some of my favorite photos from our photoshoot. It was a great joy to make these photos together because she is genuinely such a lovely person and this style looks gorgeous on her.

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