There is no other spot in Vienna like the Operahouse – it’s classy, it’s timeless, it’s inspiring, it’s gorgeous. A sunset by the Opera is so dreamy, a client of mine was once so impressed and told me … “The Opera is like a sunset in itself.”

Right around the time of sunset, some magic happens. I don’t know if the building was built that way or if it’s just a coincidence but the lights and colors create a fairytale mood with purple hues and pink shadows it’s just a must in Vienna.

No doubt, one of the most famous spots for photos in Vienna is the view of the Operahouse from the Albertina balcony. For the extra romantic feeling go there about 20 minutes before sunset to still have enough time to enjoy it and catch the magical hour. In the following 30 minutes after sunset, it’s just so unique.

I was recently reminded of a few photos we took during this time right after New Year’s that I haven’t shared much. I had so many photoshoots there over the holidays that I realized I don’t have any photos of myself so that’s how the idea came. And by the way, I am totally loving the color combo of my outfit and the background – pink and silver always work.

Here are my favorite photos.