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Vienna, Austria


Is your service professional medical or psychological care and advice?
No. I don’t provide or offer medical and psychological advice and I don’t have any degree in medicine or psychology.
My guidance is intuitive and based on my inner self-realization, awakening and wisdom. My presence promotes wellbeing and supports people discover their deeper aspect and being and bring light, love and inspiration in their life. However they do not qualify by all means as professional healthcare and if you have some serious issues I strongly advice you speak to your doctor.
What is your approach in guiding people to reconnect with their deeper Self?

My approach is always dependent on the person and their situation and is deeply intuitive. I fully trust my inner guidance and abilities to support people energetically and bring harmony and peace in their life. In my experiece even simply my being and contact with people has elevated their consciousness and helped them transform their life and understanding. If you feel the inner connection and attraction to get in touch with me and benefit from my offers there is certainly a deeper meaning to it and you should follow your heart.

What do you mean by natural holistic therapy and self-healing?
My experience has proven that the quality of our life is determined by the quality of our thoughts and inner state. When we release negative and limiting beliefs, habits, thinking and conditioning we can experience a completely different state of being and life situation. For me holistic therapy is a way to bring harmony in all aspects of life by becoming more mindful, centered and aware of ourrselves.
This is an inner transformation that can be supported and enhanced by Reiki but has nothing to do with any medical or psychological healthcare.
I love your website and photos! Who made them?
I did the website myself and I have listed the names of the photographers in Impressum, they are brilliant and very talented!