About Me

Hi! I’m Mila

holistic therapist & coach

Mila is a guide to your own Self, beauty and power!

Mila is a holistic Reiki therapist, artist, spiritual speaker and coach.
Her guidance is simple, yet profound and powerful and can bring real light into your life!

In her approach  she combines ancient wisdom and knowledge with modern life and contemporary understanding to bring peace and clarity in your life and being. Her presence has a deep healing quality and has the power to facilitate a change and transformation on a deeper level within yourself.


Mila brings together in her own unique way the eastern understanding of the connection of mind, body and spirit and the transcendental knowledge of our inner Self and nature  to support you reconnect with yourself and harmonize and heal all aspects of your life.

After a deep realization at an early age Mila dedicated her time to exploring the nature of existence, human mind and consciousness and has been privileged to meet and learn from some of the greatest enlightened masters and spirituals teachers of our time thus her therapy is based on a higher state of consciousness and transforms on a transcendental level.


my path of spirituality, holistic healing & guidance

“I remember the first time I experienced a profound awakening …

… my first thought was “We need to help people, they have no idea what amazing possibilities are inside them, nobody told them, we have to!”.

I was so excited that I had to hold myself not to run to my sister and wake her up in the middle of the night to go save the world.

It was a huge change for me, I never experienced such joy, such peace, such beauty. This was the most happiest and truest moment in my life EVER.

And then some compassion and concern came, that paradise is right inside and in front of us and yet we live a life that is totally not even near to it.

We think we live kind of ok, but after this profound experience I saw that this ok is actually not so ok.

I didn’t go on teaching and helping people right away.
I kept quiet and exploring.

Years passed while this matured in me.
I inquired with teachers, masters and great intelligent leaders of our time.

Until the time came I felt to offer something in return.
But of course in a wiser, more mature and relaxed way.

After exploring all the north and south, east and west of our human nature, our mind, heart and being I started to see more clearly the many possible ways to bring that light, that joy, that happiness in others’ lives.

I developed my own natural holistic therapy and guidance to support people discover the beauty of their own Self and inspire them to trust their Heart, walk their own way and wake up to this truly magical and extraordinary existence”