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5 tips to bring more freshness in your days

It's this beautiful time of the year again when nature is waking up from the cold winter days and the first rays of sunshine are warming up the air. Spring symbolizes new life, an awakening, a new beginning. It brings a new freshness, a new fragrance and inspiration....

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Every moment is a choice

Sometimes you have to make a choice and to be able to discern that which gives you true fulfillment and joy from that which gives you only a momentary experience that leaves you haunting for more. It takes a certain maturity and wisdom to start appreciating and...

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The ancient wisdom of impermanence

It is in our daily experience that life is constantly changing - situations change, people change, our moods, thoughts, ideas, surroundings - everything changes. Nothing has ever stayed constantly the same, everything is in a flux. Today you enjoy spending time with...

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What is Love?

What is LOVE? It is the force that makes the grass grow, the sun shine, the flowers blossom, the hearts open and the soul sing with joy. Love is the source and support of life, the energy that sustains us, the power that moves us and the light that inspires us. How...

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8 simple basic points for an awakened life

To be a human being can be a tough experience. We are faced with such strong biological, psychological and emotional forces, drives and confusions within us that we can easily feel lost in life. Unfortunately no one has really stressed the importance of...

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True communication doesn’t need words

True communication doesn't need words If you know me better you might have noticed the way of communicating I enjoy. I feel the truest way to appreciate the time and presence of someone is to spear them the long story of what you've done in the past, what happened...

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5 tips to have peace of mind

Do you find your mind often restless and jumping from one thing to another? As an entrepreneur myself I've often experienced the mental excitements, sleepless nights and busy days and I know that if you don't pay attention your mind can go nuts. Busy job, many...

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