Have you noticed – anytime you meet a new person they ask you to tell something about yourself – who you are, what you are doing and basically … what’s your story.

Why is a story so important?

We need to navigate through life through images, words, sounds and tastes. In order to orientate we need something to guide us, a compass that shows us our journey from where to where we are moving. A story is made out of impressions – of what we have heard, seen, tasted and experienced. Once we have recorded those impressions in our mind we have made them our qualities and ultimately our business cards. The story you tell is your business card. People want to know what you have in order to process you as a person.

But your story is not all for others either. Most of all it is important which story you are telling to yourself, because honestly … all stories are eventually made up … and if you can make up any story why not make up the best story?

If you make a simple experiment and write down the story of your life but first focus on all the things that have gone wrong and you didn’t like – all the could haves, should haves and “I didn’t want this”.
Tell the worst story ever you can and then see how it makes you feel.
Does it make you happy? Does it make others happy? Does it bring the sunshine in your life?
And notice how does it influence your outlook on life, what decisions and actions it makes you take? Happy ones, wise ones?
Fair enough.

Now give it a second try but this time tell the best story of your life – all that you loved and you are grateful for, all that made you the person you are today, all that you enjoy and appreciate. Tell a story of joy and happiness and see how it makes you feel. Is it different? Do you notice the change in the air? What decisions and actions it makes you take? Better ones? How does it make others feel and what does it make them think?

The story you tell to yourself has great power because it influences your whole life – your moods, your feelings, your decisions and finally your actions. When you realize it you start to notice how often you have sabotaged yourself in focusing on negative stories when you could have really focused on all that’s good and right. But the worst is when we start to tell those stories to others and instead of making their lives a bit more bright we try to convince them in our own made up fears and doubts.

Stop and examine who you believe you are.

Creating a conscious life is really about bringing more light into what’s going on in the dark corners of your mind. When we don’t pay attention we often tend to indulge our thoughts in worst case scenarios, anxiety, fears, judgments and regrets and this can go on and on making it the unquestionable story of who we are.

But why not question? Why not question if that story is right? And if it’s not quite so could we not make it right or at least choose one that makes you feel right?
A situation always has at least two versions – the one of what’s bad and wrong and the one of what’s good and right and to tell you a secret we are really the ones who choose which side of the coin will stay up.

And a story is much more powerful than that. It can create your personality, your friendships, your business and your life.
But I am not here to tell you to create a completely false story, no. I am telling you to see your own already amazing story! We all have a really fabulous, award-winning story when we choose to see.
All those unique things about yourself can be real gems when you pick them up and polish them.

If I would leave you with any message it would be to look and see all the good things you have and have had. And maybe all the difficult things that brought you wisdom and strength. And all the silly things that made you keep your innocence. All those little things are your real gems. Don’t throw them away but see how beautiful they’ve made you look today.