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holistic healing & harmony

Reiki is a holistic therapy method that originated in Japan.

It is used to balance, heal and harmonize all aspects of the person – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – and it can also be used to promote personal and spiritual growth and wellbeing.

Reiki is comprised of two words – Rei and Ki.

The word Rei means ‘divine’ ‘universal’ ‘sacred’ ‘wisdom of the Universe’. It can also be translated as the highest and purest intelligence that is the source of life.

Ki is the life force energy. In the East it is believed that every living being – plants, animals and humans – is comprised of the Ki energy, also known as Chi in China or the Prana in India. It is the vital energy that sustains life and flows through the energy paths inside the body, through the chakras and meridians, as well as outside the body forming the energy field also called Aura.
Most energy healings and alternative therapies work only with the Ki energy.

Reiki however is an even higher and finer energy than the Ki.
It is transcendental and highly benevolent light-like energy that can move through all energetic levels and systems and thus harmonize, heal and benefit all aspects of the person – emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.
It can clear and release blocked and excess energies and thus improve the natural healing powers of the organism.

Reiki is transmitted and guided with the hands and presence from the practitioner to the individual in a natural, safe and completely non-invasive way.
This highly intelligent and wise energy flows exactly where it is most needed in the body and the system of the person.
It can never do any harm and there is no such a thing as getting too much Reiki.
It is completely benevolent and transcendental and has benefits beyond our understanding.

Reiki is neither a religion nor a belief system.

It supports and enhances the natural self-healing powers of the organism and can be complementary to other forms of conventional medicine or therapies.

Some claim that this art of healing is very ancient and has been known to humanity for thousands of years under different names and just rediscovered again in Japan.
No doubt all Eastern knowledge, wisdom and spiritual practices are based on the connection and oneness  with the Source of life and the benevolent and transformative light that shines from it, very much like Reiki.

Reiki has the power to influence in a deeply positive way all aspects of life not just the physical body.
The energy of Reiki can help you achieve mental, emotional and physical balance. It is a beautiful and gentle therapeutic method that restores the peace and wellbeing, relieves anxiety, pain, fatigue, stress, improves sleep, strengthens the immune system, promotes the natural healing powers of the organism and has an impact on a deeper level removing negative feelings, thoughts, beliefs and blocked energy.

You don’t have to be sick to treat yourself with a Reiki session.
It is always a beneficial, relaxing, rejuvenating and a wonderful experience.

Reiki is a gift of nature and a powerful tool to bring peace and harmony in your being.

Please Note: Reiki does not replace other forms of conventional medicine and psychotherapy. It is a complementary method that focuses on wellbeing. If you have any strong medical or psychological condition you are strongly advised to first seek a doctor.

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