What is LOVE?

Photo by Michal Jeck

It is the force that makes the grass grow, the sun shine, the flowers blossom, the hearts open and the soul sing with joy.
Love is the source and support of life, the energy that sustains us, the power that moves us and the light that inspires us.

How comes that for a while we can feel lost and desperate that it’s nowhere to be found?

We strive and seek achievements, glory, recognition, relationships, approval and respect for the sake of feeling loved but never seem to really get there to that final spot of rest and fulfillment.

Where is love, what is love, how to find it?

How comes that it is always here but we rarely see it?

The truth is that we become aware of love and feel it’s beauty and presence when our mind is quiet.
In fact love is the experience of the oneness and unity of life and it reveals itself in the silence of our hearts.

Why does love and joy emerge in the union of man and woman – because of the experience of oneness, spontaneity, harmony and inner silence.
When man and woman are in love they are fully present and empty of thoughts and that’s when love shines from within them – when the clutter of psychological nonsense is not there.

On the other side if you can’t let go of your mind and projections you can’t really taste the joy and magic of being together in that Oneness, silence and being.
And that’s why so many relationships don’t work and end up in conflict – because we are trained to hold on to nonsense thoughts, projections, ideas, expectations and ego identity.
And even so many people have never felt the real beauty and possibilities of being together because they can’t move deeper than the surface of their thoughts and always relate to each other from a mental state.

Love is actually our natural state – empty of thoughts, just being present and seeing from our true place of peace and unity.
And it is not limited to a relationship or person but it encompasses the whole of life.

What is to be done?
Contemplate on who and what you really are beyond the surface of your thoughts and maybe you’ll find out that all there is is love.