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Non duality Interview

Mirrors with luchana

Enjoy the non-duality interview that Luchana made in the spring of 2021 for Nothing Media.


the role of meditation

the natural state we’ve forgotten

Meditation is just the natural state of being present which we sometimes forget and create complicated schemes and teachings to get back to the simplest to us – just being in the moment.
A video excerpt with english subtitles.


You cannot solve the echo of your thoughts

use your experience as a door to yourself

When we allow our feelings and experience to be as it is in this moment we find back the way to ourself and break the mechanism of running away from this moment.
Video excerpt with english subtitles.


if you loose the connection with yourself

you are here before every experience

Why sometimes after having discovered the state of peace and presence we seem to loose it and how to back to it?
Video excerpt with english subtitles.


what is really valuable in life

the most valuable and beautiful

We can spend our hwole life looking for something. Something which is valuable and true.
But the most beautiful and valuable something is within yourself.


every moment is a choice

you choose every moment

Every moment is a choice. You choose that which brings you happiness or you choose that which brings you fear.
It all depends on you.


how to decide when in doubt

just be moment by moment

What happens when you are divided between that which you are supposed to do and that which you really want to do?