True communication doesn’t need words

If you know me better you might have noticed the way of communicating I enjoy.

I feel the truest way to appreciate the time and presence of someone is to spear them the long story of what you’ve done in the past, what happened then and there and what all your projections and ideas about yourself, life and the future are. Because honestly …

I don’t think anyone remembers or listens much and often you just miss the moment to appreciate the beauty of Being and the beauty of the other.

We have gone so much astray nowadays from having a truthful, deep, honest and quality communication and time together. Everybody is rushing to somewhere and their heads and minds are full with ideas, projects, thoughts and fears. We rarely find a peaceful moment by ourselves and what is worse we often pollute the environment of others too.

Instead of meeting in a space of presence, love, openness and care our interactions often remain on the very surface of life. And even it may happen that we don’t even hear or see the other because we are too busy with our thoughts and projections. At the most we burden them with our compulsive thoughts.


Is that the true communication and meeting?


The truth is that the true communication happens in silence, in presence, in being because it’s not so much what you say, it’s the presence that you carry.

People don’t remember your stories but the feeling of your being.

Surely sometimes some talks are relevant, especially when there are some practical or creative things to be discussed but in your truest and closest relationships the most beauitiful moments are the moments spent in silence because that’s the moments your being and your heart truly communicates and is fully open to the other.

Photos by JgraphedU, Jakob Urwanisch