Have you ever had the thought “If onlysomething was different“, “It could have beendifferent.” … “It should have been in another way.” …
Should have, could have, if only … meet the thoughts that steal your happiness!

These little thoughts and words are often our everyday companions. We don’t realize but so often we imagine and mourn over how things could have been different than they are and how much better it would have been this way. But guess what? Those thoughts are exactly the thoughts that steal your peace, your joy, your happiness.

Why? Because things are as they are! They are not supposed to be different than they are right now … and your wishing and imagining them to be in another way simply distracts you from being at peace with them and seeing that they are just perfect as they are!

Could have is rarely a solution to any situation, it is rather a waste of time and a sure way to make yourself unhappy. Rather accept and see the reality of the moment as it is and see if apart from your imagination something is really wrong here.

Often it is not life in its expression that is wrong but rather the ideas we try to enforce on it that are not quite fitting. Whenever we indulge in the could or should have we are just unnecessarily bringing ourselves down.

Much better way is to simply be with the situation, with life as it presents itself in this moment without interpreting, judging, comparing and criticizing.

If we can really see life in this way fresh and empty we might be in for a big surprise – nothing is really missing! Nothing is really wrong! Nothing really needs to be essentially different than it is. Because guess what – Life is much more wiser than your thinking!

So, throw those should haves and could haves away and let life lead you the way. See what peace and rest come from letting go of wishful thinking, judgements and regrets and enjoy again your natural state of being open, trusting and loving to life as it unfolds always in the best way when you have the heart and mind to see and appreciate its wisdom, grace and beauty.