Has it ever happened that you wake up in the morning and you feel happy and at peace? Then your whole day goes well and beautiful. You see the things that make you happy and the little things that once bothered you are no longer there. Everything is like a sweet fairy tale.

Has ever the opposite happened to you? You are in a bad mood and it seems like whatever you touch breaks? The good things you used to see seem boring and meaningless? It’s like the whole universe is conspiring against you and your happiness?

Is it chance? Life sends us sometimes good days, sometimes bad ones?
Do we really depend on the weather – if it’s sunny we are happy, if it’s rainy we are sad?

In truth those good or annoying things that happen on any given day are not really an accident but rather a point of view. When you feel happy and grateful for life you tend to see more good things in your life, and you don’t notice the things that once bothered you.
On the other hand, when you feel anger and frustration you project it on everything around you.

Things don’t really happen to make you sad, angry or happy but rather your inner state gives them the color of your feelings.

We, as human beings have the beautiful opportunity to choose – to choose our actions and mostly to choose what we give our attention to and how we respond to things.
Nothing is good or bad, it is what we see in it and what we make it to be.
And here is an interesting fact, the people who are often happy, in good mood and things are working out for them are not necessarily born under a lucky star, but rather they tend to focus on the bright side of things – on that which they like about the things around them, on the opportunity in the situation and on being grateful and appreciating the gifts of life.

Gratitude has a great power. It can change not only your inner state but everything in your life. When you focus on all the good things in your life that you usually take for granted you realize how extremely grateful you can be for everything – from the sunny day to the bed you sleep in at night.
On the other hand, if you always look at what’s lacking you will always create misery for yourself and the people around you.

The inherent nature of human beings is in truth peace, joy, love and gratitude. That pure essence that has created us as a baby in the womb, that’s given us our first breath, that kept us up during our first steps, that is the light behind our eyes and the silence behind our every heart beat – that pure essence is true unconditional love and wisdom. It is what we are born through and as. And the nature of that essence is gratitude, it is life itself, the miraculous power that makes the sun shine and the bees fly. When we see and know that, we realize that our life is miraculous and a great gift. Something we can’t even begin to comprehend with our minds. What is there to complain about?
Isn’t gratitude the least we can feel for that great, awe inspiring mystery that we are?

When we think we know what life is and who we are we become arrogant. We start to take things for granted and when you take things for granted you start to complain and see lack around you.

Just look at a baby or a toddler – that magnificent joy in their smile, the absolute amazement with which they look at things, the happiness, the silence, the unconditional love. That’s the shining of our true essence, of the light we are born with and we have within us throughout our whole life.
We forget it is there when we start to think we have figured it all out. In truth we haven’t understood anything, we have just become dull.

Gratitude is the power that can reawaken us to the beauty that surrounds us.

We wake up in the morning and often we just drink the same water, taste the same coffee and have the same things to do ahead of us. But it’s not quite so. The very fact that we wake up and taste things is enough of a miracle in itself. Everything that’s at our disposal is pure love, the great love that sustains us. That glass of water is keeping our body well and healthy. That tea or coffee is a little gift to bring us joy.

When we focus on being grateful, we wake up in a world of pure Grace.

And oh, what beauty it is to see with the eyes of love. Nothing is ordinary anymore. In fact it never was, we just missed to see.

You can start with simple steps – count the things you love, appreciate what you used to take for granted, look for the little things that bring you joy, smile at the sky, listen to the birds singing and just say Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you !

When a thought comes of what you don’t have just think of all the things you do have instead. And like that from a feeling of lack comes a feeling of richness.
When you want to complain about a situation think of all the ways it is helping you grow, think of all the blessings it has brought.

And just like that you start to see … you see that you have a choice. The choice to see and act with love and appreciation or to do so with arrogance and complain.

Life always supports you – if you want to be happy and spread joy it gives you that experience. If you generate thoughts of negativity and bad moods it gives you more reasons to do so.

In fact life is your mirror – you shout at it, it shouts back. You smile at it, it smiles back.
So next time you are at a choice to give gratitude and love or to think of lack and wrongs remember that, it is your own creation.

Photo by Flor Blake Photography