Maybe this whole vast Universe, with all its stars and planets, birds and flowers, love and joy … is nothing but a tiny attempt to glimpse the greatness of the immaculate intelligence from which it comes.

Have you ever wondered about it – where you came from, why you are here and what is this miracle called life?

As children everything looks like a great mystery and wonder. Every day is an adventure. Every experience is vibrant and indescribable. Every moment is a blessing and a joy.
But as we grow up we become kind of dull. We take things for granted, we start to demand and expect and try to manipulate the life around us to satisfy our own selfish desires.

Once upon a time we were grateful and humble … and now we are often greedy and even violent.
And it seems like we have forgotten … the innocence of our hearts.

At some point in life when things don’t really work anymore, when pushing and forcing life doesn’t yield good results, we must start to question ourselves and if the things we are doing are really right and meaningful.

In the East it is considered a great blessing to start to inquire into your nature and look deeper for who you are truly and in essence. Whereas in the West it is often considered a sign of a psychological crisis or breakdown.
Funny how we have become, to consider some of the most important quest and questions about our very own existence as a sign that something is wrong.

Actually, if you are sensitive enough you would naturally ask yourself what’s life’s meaning and what’s your purpose here. And this is very beautiful indeed, maybe the oldest question of humanity that still remains a mystery.
A few here and there tried to solve it and they became figures to admire and worship such as the Buddha and other great masters and teachers down the ages.

But what happened to that knowledge and wisdom … about our Self, our nature, our purpose?
Did it disappear with the physical bodies of those teachers thousands of years ago … or is it still here right before our eyes – timeless and obvious yet often missed …

Getting on the journey to your own Self can be one of the greatest adventures of a lifetime.
And here are some advices from me if you’ve decided to embark on this trip.

  1. Life is a mystery.
    Before trying to solve problems and look for answers I must tell you – when it comes to yourself … you will not really find any answer. There is no final statement that when you discover you can take a rest and leave everything aside. Quite the opposite – you must first of all know that there is no answer. When you can accept that life is an experience and a mystery that needs no solving you can start your journey.
    We are normally used to solve physical problems that have a starting and an end point, but when it comes to yourself … the point is always NOW. The beginning and the end are both … just now. So don’t expect to get from A to B here. Rather expect to get from now to now, just deeper and deeper. If there is a step actually, it is really the step to come to here and now, because most of the time we are then and there or anywhere but not here.
    We project all things in our head – the problem and its solution, the journey and its destination. When we live in our mind we are always somewhere else – an else that we imagine and create and then try to reach and get. So if there is a first step it is really to let that go. And when you let go the “then and there” you naturally find yourself right here and now. So, don’t expect to find an answer or to get anywhere, rather leave that way of thinking behind and just be open to uncover what is here.


  1. Don’t get discouraged if people don’t understand you …
    They probably never do anyway … so why bother? The thing is we can’t really understand anybody. Everyone is having their own unique experience that we can never fully grasp. On the surface we might think we get it … but we can never know what the other truly sees and feels. We cannot share the same dream, see the sunset through the same eyes or taste anything in the very same way. And we are totally not meant to. Every being is a universe of their own with unique phenomena happening inside of them. We sometimes might think others must understand us in order for us to be happy but the sooner we let go of that idea … we might find out that we are already happy, even much more when we don’t try to look appealing or understandable to anyone.
    So, if people don’t get it what you are doing with your life or what kind of Self or meaning you are looking for … it is absolutely normal. They don’t have to get it, it is enough that you get it … and more so that you enjoy it and find your meaning in it. If you do then don’t get disappointed when you meet people who don’t agree with you. We can never agree 100% with everybody. It is good to have some compassion and support each other even when we don’t quite understand what it’s all about. That’s what they might call unconditional love – I love you even when I don’t get you at all, it’s still alright.


  1. Keep quiet.
    That’s what most wise and great teachers have been saying since centuries. If you want to really discover something deeper about yourself keep your mind still and … just chill.
    Thoughts are meant to create future things, experiences, solutions. They are great if you need to build a house, write a report or solve a mathematical equation. But when it comes to happiness, peace, love, finding your essence and deeper self they often just get in the way.
    The mind is an excellent instrument to create things but your inner being is not something that you are going to create but rather to discover. And in order to do that you need to leave your mind and thoughts aside for a bit and see what hides in the silence of your heart.
    I am not going to tell you what you will discover … let it be a surprise. I am sure it’s not something you are going to regret about.


Image: Michi Sophie Photography