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happiness & holistic living

meet me in vienna or online

holistic Sessions

Benefit from a beautiful, harmonizing and rejuvenating Reiki Session with me in person in Vienna or as a distant Session wherever you are in the world!
Distant Reiki is just as powerful as in person!

Harmony with mila

Experience my special 30day individual holistic program in which we will work together to bring more harmony, peace and restore the balance in your life.
We will have energy healing sessions that can bring wellbeing on all levels of your life.

Day intensive

This is a special limited offer. We will spend a day together in Vienna or any city upon request/ schedule. We will have time to explore the topics of self-discovery, meditation, holistic healing and living and will recharge ourselves and get filled up with good energy and inspiration.

Day intensive full info

the time with me can

Bring inner peace

Transcend negative thinking

Elevate your mind

Support your own self-healing

Improve your wellbeing

Bring lots of positive energy

Outgrow bad habits

Discover your deeper nature

Heal the past

Improve physical condition

Improve your emotional state

Awaken you to your timeless Self


Holistic Reiki Session

in person or online as a distant Session

restore your inner peace, harmony, and wellbeing

a short introduction and talk

40min Reiki energy healing session

Read more about Reiki here

Individual Program “Harmony with Mila”

online from any part of the world

fully recharge and restart your life with my holistic guidance

achieve mental, emotional, physical and spiritual harmony and balance

30 days of Reiki energy healing Sessions

we will let go of what no longer serves you

boost your confidence, harmony, self-acceptance, and self-love

Zoom Meeting

online 1-on-1 Session

Answer to your individual questions

Self-awareness and meditation practice

Personal guidance


Happy Clients

“The holistic Session with Mila was excellent! She was very welcoming, calm and with positive attitude.
Before starting she asked me some questions and I knew she was interested in helping me genuinely.
This was my first Reiki Session ever and the experience was extraordinary! The hands were warm and I could feel the energy coming out of them during the Session! I felt more calm, relaxed and one with myself, even after few days I would feel positive energy with me.
I totally and 100% recommend Mila and I will be coming back for another Session!”
~ Anang

“I had a reiki session with Mila and as one of my first sessions she made me really comfortable. She is easy to talk to and really helped me make connections. I recomend her for use in healing and coaching! I felt at ease that night more so than I usually would have. And days on I am feeling my stomach issues even lessen! Xo”
~ Cassandra
“The first time I met Mila, I was definitely in a place in my life where I had a ton of anxiety and was desperate to release the accumulated pressure over the last years. Mila was a truly gifted listener and spiritual counselor! Thank you so much for this great retreat – I enjoyed every minute, savored the free time and walked out of my first session feeling lighter. I was not sure at all what had just happened, but I knew I felt better. My mind couldn’t comprehend it, but I was very aware that my mind was relaxed and my body felt so much better. That’s when my journey with reiki began…”
~ Biser