Let’s be honest – we all want to be happy, we all want to live well, we all want a life of comfort and no struggle.This a very natural desire.

People often ask me “But how to have that amazing life?”, ” How to have a beautiful relationship?”, “How to meet the right people?” … it seems to never really work out.

You long to meet the right person but always seem to meet the wrong one, it always seems that something is not enough.

You long to finally reach that perfect moment in your life where you have everything you wanted and you are happy and fulfilled … but always something seems to be missing.
So you are looking forward to tomorrow, to the next one, to another one … hoping it will be different, but it never really quite is, is it?


I have to tell you something … It will never happen quite the way you imagine.
We believe we know what’s right and what’s best and we always compare our experiences with our imagination and projections just to make the conclusion that things should be different than they are right now.

But it is really not about the things in themselves … it is really more about our mindset and attitude.


Is there a perfect life?


Yes, totally … and you might be surprised but it is exactly the life you are living RIGHT NOW.

Your life just as it is in this moment is the perfect life for you right now.



Believe it or not … you are having exactly what you need to have, you are making exactly the experiences you need to make … to grow, to evolve, to taste, to feel and to transcend.
It might not look like a Hollywood movie to you but it is serving a beautiful purpose and is absolutely right in itself.

The thing is, most of the things we have, the experiences we make, the people we meet are so good for us, so right, so fitting and so perfect that we simply can’t see it.
We grow up with funny ideas and mindsets about life, forgetting our original nature and harmony with the Universe and all-that-is that at the end we simply can’t appreciate anymore the natural wisdom and righteousness that surrounds us.


And let me tell you something more.
Things will not put themselves right on the outside until you put them right on the inside.
There is nothing wrong in itself but our interpretation, thoughts, fears and desires make things appear right or wrong in our mind.

Your idea of your perfect life prevents you from seeing the life you have right now and it’s absolute perfection.
Your idea of your perfect partner prevents you from seeing the beauty and potential of your current partner.
Your ideas of your perfect work prevent you from making the most of the circumstances and possibility you have right now.

Ideas, ideas, ideas …


Mostly our ideas about how things should be prevent us from appreciating and enjoying things as they are.


So how to have the perfect life, the perfect partner, the perfect work, the perfect looks, the perfect … anything?

Drop the ideas of how things should be, how they should look like and meet them in their purity in this moment, see them without demands and expectations, accept them as they are … and you might find yourself fulfilled and happy finally appreciating the grace and beauty of your life as it is right nowperfect.