Making a choice can be quite a challenging experience especially when we feel divided – divided between that which our heart desires and that which is expected of us.

We often grow up with so many expectations and ideas from our surroundings and from our own thinking that at some point we may feel we have lost our way.

Is there a chance to really live from our heart and know always what’s right?

Surely there is and let me tell you my secret. I know how hard it can be to not be sure which path to take and which way to go.

Just focus on this moment.

Photos by Anang Dadhich

Just look what you can do in this moment and don’t try to figure out things too far ahead, because when we try to predict and imagine scenarios in our head we are mostly simply dreaming and the reality never turns out to be this way. We can never really know what will happen and how things will turn out to be but when we take life one step at a time and see what we can do in this moment with our full heart everything turns out to be just right.

When we try to predict the future and base our actions and choices on our fantasies and projections we do nothing but end up in a mess.

So my top secret to life isjust focus on this moment.
See what you can do now, what step you can make, feel what feels right in this moment and like this follow life moment by moment, walk hand in hand with the reality which is now and you will start to see how life unfolds in just the best way.

You don’t need to push life about. Why fight it when you can be one with it? Just follow the lead.

Just be moment by moment, no need to project too far ahead.
When you are fully present in this moment, life takes care of itself.