Have you sometimes felt things are going wrong, life is not really providing you what you need and want and somehow things are not quite the way you wish them to be?

This is often the experience of many people.

We often feel that things should be different than they are and that we need to strive, dream or work hard to get life appear in the right way but it never really quite does, does it?

We grow up with this habit of thinking how to always get the things we want, make people the way we want them, make things appear how we like them and always try to fit life according to our desires, projections, ideas and opinions.

It sometimes works but the fact is it often doesn’t and maybe that’s a good signal – not that life is unkind but maybe that our ideas are not quite true and wise.

Actually life is too kind and always moves everything in a perfect way.

It’s only our mind that imagines things are going wrong simply because they don’t seem to satisfy our sometimes foolish desires.

When we nurture our small thinking and chase selfish projections it might at times seem that things are difficult, challenging and not quite right.
But that’s not really the actuality, it’s rather something we simply imagine.

We only get disappointed when we hold strong opinions and visions about how things should be but the truth is we rarely see the big picture and can evaluate and appreciate what is good and right when our mind is clouded by ego and desires.

There is a great power that guides this Universe in a gracious and effortless way, not always in accordance with our ego but in accordance with a deeper intelligence and harmony that no one can ever really understand.

So, trust, life knows much better than your mind.

It might not always give you what you imagine you want but it gives you what you truly need to grow.

When you see with clear eyes and pure heart you start to appreciate the wisdom, greatness and beauty that surrounds you and there is no need to make up vain projections and ideas anymore because you know that there is a great love that takes care of this existence and you and that love are one.