Let’s recharge your life and restore your inner-peace and harmony on an intensive day designed just for you!


You have a busy and stressful life? You never find enough time for yourself? You always put everyone else first?
That’s not really making you feel happy, inspired, relaxed and in touch with yourself, is it?

It’s time for a change!

Do you want to:

  • find the way to yourself again?
  • leave aside busy schedules and life and go on a journey of self-discovery and wisdom?
  • release stress and anxiety and rediscover your harmony?
  • recharge your mind, body and spirit?
  • find balance and wellbeing on mental, emotional and spiritual level?
  • get clear again on what is truly valuable in life and what’s your heart’s desire?
  • discover again your natural self, beyond the everyday high demands and expectations of modern life?
  • define your visions, true desires and goals and design the best way to them that will make
    you happy and inspired?

If you said yes, then I bet we can do something about it!

What will we do on a day intensive?

We will spend a day together that is designed just for you!

We will take some time to recharge and do some inner work, healing and self-discovery.

We will have energy healing sessions.

We will discover again our natural harmony and inherent wisdom and reconnect with our deeper Self.

We will get clear on your visions and goals and find the best way to achieving them while remaining balanced, happy and true to yourself.

We will speak about  whatever topic moves you at the moment.

We will also have time for sightseeing, healthy meals and relaxation.

Mostly we will have great time that will recharge and inspire you and bring that special sparkle in your life!

Let’s do this!
Give me the schedule.

We will meet around 10am have tea/ coffee/ smoothie and talk about you, your needs, your situation, your dream, the change that you wish.

Take action.
Depending on your unique goals and situation we will do holistic healing/  talking or some practical challenges and fun tasks that will support you make a shift.

Healthy snacks.
We will have a healthy lunch together and take some break to digest what we have done so far.

There will be some time for sightseeing, walk, relax and integrate.

In the afternoon session we will see what more we can do together and how the work so far has chagned you and what is there left to do.

We will set the next steps on your journey and leave in harmony, gratitude, balance and joy.

I am ready!
Where do we meet?

We can meet in Vienna or some other European city upon request.

Note: another destination will include extra travel fees unless it is planned in my current schedule.

If it is not in those given locations you can send me an inquiry and I will see what I can do.

It is possible to have a day intensive with a group of up to 5 people too.

Inquire for price and details.


Apply here and let’s start planning.

Let me know what’s your current situation, what you would like to change in your life, what’s your ideal result from our time together, your availabilty and preferred destination.

I will get back to you soon with my suggestions and proposal for a chat in which we will discuss the details and see what we can do togther.

Looking forward to hearing from you!