My top secret to life – how to choose from your Heart?

My top secret to life – how to choose from your Heart?

Making a choice can be quite a challenging experience especially when we feel divided – divided between that which our heart desires and that which is expected of us.

We often grow up with so many expectations and ideas from our surroundings and from our own thinking that at some point we may feel we have lost our way.

Is there a chance to really live from our heart and know always what’s right?

Surely there is and let me tell you my secret. I know how hard it can be to not be sure which path to take and which way to go.

Just focus on this moment.

Photos by Anang Dadhich

Just look what you can do in this moment and don’t try to figure out things too far ahead, because when we try to predict and imagine scenarios in our head we are mostly simply dreaming and the reality never turns out to be this way. We can never really know what will happen and how things will turn out to be but when we take life one step at a time and see what we can do in this moment with our full heart everything turns out to be just right.

When we try to predict the future and base our actions and choices on our fantasies and projections we do nothing but end up in a mess.

So my top secret to life isjust focus on this moment.
See what you can do now, what step you can make, feel what feels right in this moment and like this follow life moment by moment, walk hand in hand with the reality which is now and you will start to see how life unfolds in just the best way.

You don’t need to push life about. Why fight it when you can be one with it? Just follow the lead.

Just be moment by moment, no need to project too far ahead.
When you are fully present in this moment, life takes care of itself.

5 tips to bring more freshness in your days

5 tips to bring more freshness in your days

It’s this beautiful time of the year again when nature is waking up from the cold winter days and the first rays of sunshine are warming up the air.

Spring symbolizes new life, an awakening, a new beginning. It brings a new freshness, a new fragrance and inspiration.
In the spirit of the approaching spring I have put up 5 tips for you how to bring more freshness in your life and that special spark of inspiration after the long, cold winter days.

  1. Clean up your house.
    What I often love to do is get rid of old things, make a deep clean of my home, remove what I no longer need and open some space for new things to come.
    Did you know that your home is a representation of your inner state and they reflect and influence each other? A cluttered outer space can suffocate your inspiration and make you dull, draining your beautiful fresh energy and making your inner environment stale. It is a very good idea to get rid of old things from time to time, review how much you really need and donate any long term unused things. It does good to you and to those in need.
    So my first tip for you is do a deep clean, or hire someone to do it for you, remove the things you no longer need and of course put some fresh spring flowers to lighten up and refresh your home.
    That’s a magical way to prepare your outer and inner environment for the spring and make some space for some new freshness to come.
  2. Go on a trip.

    Photos by Anang Dadhich

    Yes, a super good tip is to do something new, go see some new place, can be just a day trip to a nearby town or city or whatever you have the possibility to do, might be even a new area in your town, but the main point is change your environment and see something new. Might sound too simple a tip but it really opens your mind and changes your vision.
    We often get used to the same old things, same old places, same old thinking and sometimes might be quite difficult to discontinue this pattern that we’ve built. No wonder they say that people who travel are much happier and have a broader view than those who don’t and it is true. Traveling really does some wonders with your soul, so my second tip for you is to make a step out of your familiar zone and go see something new and I bet you’ll notice a change in your inner world too.

  3. Make new friends.
    The people in our life deeply influence our view and vision. Our goals and ideals are very much inspired by our surroundings. Meeting new people is a great way to open your mind and get new ideas and new inspiration. Sometimes it’s good to get out of our comfort zone and meet someone completely new. So, don’t be shy and find a way to make at least one new acquaintance today. Can just stop and ask something someone walking on the street, at the store, join someone at a cafe or anything that comes your way. Take a step and see how it goes. It is wonderful to be open to people and meet new friends and maybe you find a beautiful new friendship this way.
  4. Spend more time outside.
    Now with the weather becoming better and better there is no excuse to not enjoy the wonderful sunshine and the fresh air. So go for a walk at least every second day. There is surely a way to spend some more time outside in your day even if it means getting up earlier to walk to your work place or getting a station before your destination and walk the rest of the way. And if you think you are too busy I am sure that at least at the weekend you will find time to do your mind, body and soul some good and take a long walk in the fresh air.
  5. Do something unusual.
    Here is my last tip for you – do something unusual today. You can for sure think of something that you wouldn’t normally do. If you always say you are a shy person for example do something that shy people don’t do. Ask someone out on a date, find some audience and sing a song or dance, express your opinion, wear something that draws the attention to you or anything that you wouldn’t normally do. And if you are often unkind and don’t show your feelings much go say your close people you love them. If you don’t put much care in your appearance go dress nicely and make yourself look fancy. Whatever you can find that would be out of character for you – go ahead and do it.
    This is a great way to get out of your mindset and break free from the limited ideas you might have imposed upon yourself.

That were some tips from me. Enjoy yourself and do that extra thing to bring more freshness in your days.

8 simple basic points for an awakened life

8 simple basic points for an awakened life

To be a human being can be a tough experience. We are faced with such strong biological, psychological and emotional forces, drives and confusions within us that we can easily feel lost in life.

Unfortunately no one has really stressed the importance of self-knowledge, contemplation and wisdom and that has led us to living in an unconscious way that often brings conflicts, misunderstanding and sadness.

Luckily with the right inspiration, guidance and presence it is totally possible to come out of this confusion and discover the true beauty of our Being and find lasting happiness, peace, clarity and wisdom.


Here are 8 simple points that I often discuss with people in the beginning of our work together. I’ve found that the full understanding of them has brought much difference in many lives. Might sound obvious but if you really contemplate them and read deeply they might clear many issues


  1. Your experience of life is not so much what is happening outside, but more how it is being interpreted inside you.
  2. Nothing in life has an objective meaning, everything has the meaning you give to it.
  3. Other people are rarely your problem – your judgments, fears and expectations of other people is more likely your problem.
  4. Your thoughts don’t always represent the reality as it is and if you don’t question them you might get into unnecessary troubles.
  5. It’s totally fine to experience feelings such as pain, anger, etc but there is no point to blame others for them
  6. By holding other people responsible for your life, feelings and happiness you give away your power and set yourself up for a ride of disappointment, unfulfillment and broken relationships.
  7. When your mind is empty of thoughts, imagination and expectations you start seeing the beauty and wonders of life.
  8. Happiness is our natural state free of projections, desires and thoughts and it is freely available here and now when you turn your attention inside