To be a human being can be a tough experience. We are faced with such strong biological, psychological and emotional forces, drives and confusions within us that we can easily feel lost in life.

Unfortunately no one has really stressed the importance of self-knowledge, contemplation and wisdom and that has led us to living in an unconscious way that often brings conflicts, misunderstanding and sadness.

Luckily with the right inspiration, guidance and presence it is totally possible to come out of this confusion and discover the true beauty of our Being and find lasting happiness, peace, clarity and wisdom.


Here are 8 simple points that I often discuss with people in the beginning of our work together. I’ve found that the full understanding of them has brought much difference in many lives. Might sound obvious but if you really contemplate them and read deeply they might clear many issues


  1. Your experience of life is not so much what is happening outside, but more how it is being interpreted inside you.
  2. Nothing in life has an objective meaning, everything has the meaning you give to it.
  3. Other people are rarely your problem – your judgments, fears and expectations of other people is more likely your problem.
  4. Your thoughts don’t always represent the reality as it is and if you don’t question them you might get into unnecessary troubles.
  5. It’s totally fine to experience feelings such as pain, anger, etc but there is no point to blame others for them
  6. By holding other people responsible for your life, feelings and happiness you give away your power and set yourself up for a ride of disappointment, unfulfillment and broken relationships.
  7. When your mind is empty of thoughts, imagination and expectations you start seeing the beauty and wonders of life.
  8. Happiness is our natural state free of projections, desires and thoughts and it is freely available here and now when you turn your attention inside