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A 21-day journey to more self-love & gratitude
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Hello, beautiful!

I am here to remind you how wonderful you are!
I believe we are all on this planet to learn and grow, to discover and blossom in our beauty and power. We are here to love ourselves and one another.
Love is the key to this Universe and when you saturate your being with true self-love and appreciation, wonderful things start to happen around you!
If there is one thing I’d love for you to know, it is how absolutely magical and beautiful you are. And I have created this course especially for you to discover your own magnificence and power.

Are you ready to fall head-over-heels in love with your beautiful Self?

It is time to let the light inside you shine, gorgeous being.


You are special 


We are all surrounded by miracles. The smile from a stranger, the helping hand of a friend, the hug from a loved one – it is all a gift that makes our lives rich. When we appreciate the small things we always live abundantly.


A grateful heart is a happy heart.
Gratitude has a very magical power. It can turn even the simplest thing into gold and can transform your life from the inside out. Being grateful is a sure way to attract more good things to you.


Love makes the flowers bloom, the sun shine and the birds fly. If it can create the miracle of life how many miracles it can create when you saturate your mind and heart with it? Love is the most powerful force there is.

love is

to discover the beautiful and wonderful being you are
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love creates miracles

About the course

The course is a 21-day guide to practicing more self-love, gratitude and appreciation. It is divided into 21 chapters that you will read everyday.
The chapters include inspiration and suggestions for your daily routine and little practices to incorporate in your life in order to saturate your being with more and more self-love, gratitude and appreciation. Doing so has the power to transform every aspect of your life and most importantly the way you feel about yourself and others.

About the course

What you will get


Self-love journal

You will create your very own Self-love journal that will be your source of inspiration and reminder of the beauty that’s inside you

Gratitude around the clock

You will incorporate more gratitude and appreciation in your everyday life, following the tips and suggestion in the 21 days of the course


Your own map of beliefs

You will discover and transform the negative beliefs that sabotage your happiness and will create your new map of positive thoughts to follow for 21 days

Who am I?

Hi, there! It is so lovely to meet you!
I am Mila and I am a believer in the light that’s inside the heart of each one of us here, on this planet!
I believe that there is beauty inside you just waiting to be discovered. I believe there is love in your heart far greater than you can ever imagine.

I believe in YOU! And I want you to believe in yourself, too!

I am a holistic therapist, NLP master, artist and a lover of all things beautiful.
And most of all, I love seeing you happy. And happy not for any other reason, but happy because you are your own beautiful, wonderful and magical Self.
That Light you are!



Inside the course

Sneak peek

The course is interactive and dynamic.
There is a heart that opens for each day with guidance and inspiration. When you complete one day the heart will fill with love and the next heart will be available to open until all hearts fill with love and turn red when you complete the 21 days.

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